materials for making your own shirt-pencil and paper (if not, photoshop and printer)

-xacto knife (if not, razor blade)

-fabric paint (if not, spray paint)

-hard surface


-scrap paper or folder*

* = optional

how to do it

First, you have two choices- either draw your stencil, or make it in a graphics programs (photo: below, left) (or just find one on the internet, actually)

Print out your stencil and lay it on a flat hard surface (photo: above, right) take your scrap pieces of paper or folder (if you have them) and put them underneath the stencil. DO NOT lay your stencil on ANY place that can be damaged by an xacto knife such as wooden tables, material, etc.

Now, grab a pencil or your exacto knifes and draw or make the bridges in your stencil. (photo: below, left) ( These are so that the stencil does not fall apart. At first, creating bridges will seem very confusing but it will get easier the more you do it. They should be places on the following letters A, O, Q, P, D, B, and a, b, d, e, g, o, p, q.

Now simply cut out the stencil. If you think you will make mistakes, scan a copy of your drawing when all of your letters are cut out, the paper you have left over is your stencil. You can throw away the actual letters. (photo: above, right)


-start by stenciling easy things, such as words. When you have mastered that, go on to images

-be very careful with the xacto knife or razor blade, they are SHARP and will HURT YOUR FINGERS

-when printing your stencil, put the opacity at any number below 50%, it will save ink (especially since you don't even use the colored pieces)