Me!There's not much to say that you can't read below. My name is Catherine, I'm a 20-year-old living in North Carolina. I currently attend college to recieve my Bachelors Degree in English. I dream of traveling the world, writing and being me.


Places Beach, Starbucks, Niagara Falls
Sports Hockey, soccer
Teams Montreal Canadiens!
TV Channels Bravo
Show Glee, Sex and the City, The Tudors
Foods Sushi, fried rice, mushrooms, and sweet potato casserole, those spicy red Cheetos
Drink Water, beer
Color Purple
Class Psychology, English
Accessory Nose piercing, and I love a good bracelet
Books Inheritance Cycle, Harry Potter Series, Gone With The Wind, Catcher in the Rye, Tweak, Wicked
Bands A Day to Remember, Alkaline Trio, Every Time I Die, Against Me!, We Came As Romans, fun.
Type of Music Pop-punk/Punk-rock/Screamo/Hardcore
Movies Atonement, Titanic, Lion King/Any disney cartoon
Magazine Vogue, Alternative Press
Clothing Express, H&M, Forever XXI
Loves Antiques, interior decorating, working on this website, reading a good book every year the smell of rain, wearing jackets, writing a good story, winter trends, a dress that fits just right, hanging out with friends, getting crazy after having a little too much to drink, a full wallet at the mall, a new pair of heels, finishing a good book, being inspired by something beautiful, photoshoots, downtown Raleigh, thinking of an excellent idea and needing to write it down, when you realize that the boy really was flirting with you, being in love with a million different things, recieving vogue in the mail every month

Places The dark.
Sports Nascar
Teams Leafs
Foods Red meats and chicken/turkey, cooked fish (I like my fish raw, or smoked otherwise it tastes too fishy!), green peppers,
Drink Mixed fruit juices (like fruit punch and stuff)
Class Math (!!!!)
Clothing Only when people don't know how to dress themselves
Hates broken phones, not having a good book to read, "shipping and handling", broken down car, cheap hotels, spending all my money two days into the week, breaking beautiful vases, waking up in a bad mood, sleepless nights