July 2008 through October 2008
October 27thone fifty seven pm

The Ducks killed the Habs Saturday night. It was a real downer. Although we got 50 shots on goal, we only scored 4 goals. J.S. Giguere was absolutely stunning, although his defense was hanging him out to dry. We put in Jaroslav Halak to start the game, because Carey Price is sick with the flu and it didn't work us. Halak let in 4 goals, and we replaced him with the sick Price who only let in three but I don't blame him, he put his A game out there.
Hoping to see less Halak and more Price during this season. But I know Halak is a good goaltender, and I know he can keep the pucks out so at least we've got a good back-up for Price. It's that kind of duo that brings you to a Stanley Cup, and that's what we're looking for this year.

Andrei Kostitsyn didn't play in the game, but he practiced with the team this morning and might be playing in the game against the Carolina Hurricanes Tuesday night. Chris Higgins was put in the line-up for Saturday nights game, and although I know most Habs fans were arguing that Higgins should get his spot back on our second line (Tanguay-Koivu-Lats) as if he was never injured, I was almost positive he'd be put on the third line, which he was alongside Lang and Kostopolous, of course when Andrei comes back he should be moving back to our first line, alongside Kovy, and Pleks. Meaning our third line would be consisting of Higgins, S.Kosty and Lang, if I'm not mistaken, giving three lines of depth on our team, which is amazing. But Carbo might always switch it up unexpectedly, and stick Higgins elsewhere, because it does make sense. Higgins is just coming off an injury and needs short shifts and little playing time to make sure all is going well, which is why he's on the third line, but he might be moved though I don't expect it, even less if A.Kosty is coming back.

Now if only we can go the whole season without any more injuries.

Not gonna happen. But we'll hope for the best, last year was pretty amazing on that point, we didn't have any major injuries the entire year, and hopefully these guys can keep it going.

Enough hockey boys and girls!

Actually that's a lie, because I have hockey wallpapers! How amazing!

Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens wallpaper Season Calender for the Montreal Canadiens centennial season of 2008-2009 wallpaper

Let me know what you think =) All for today. Look for some post-game comments Tuesday night (Hopefully) !

October 22ndtwo fourty seven pm

I used to use SmartFTP to upload my files to the internet, but SmartFTP isn't free anymore, so I don't have it on my computer. To clear it all up, I have three computers- one for my graphics, another for just everything and then a laptop. The one I use for my graphics has no internet. The other one for some reason, I try to access my ftp through the internet and it just will not work, and right now I am on the laptop trying to update my site. Needless to say, I have none of my graphics on the laptop. I made some new wallpapers and I can't even put them up here for you guys, so I apologize. I will try to get it figured out soon.

On other news, my hockey team, the Montreal Canadiens are 5-0-1! Meaning they are undefeated in regulation. Meaning they are pretty much the most amazing thing on earth. I am soooo excited about this season, I think this is year and I'm praaaaying and praying that it is. It's our 100th season as a team, and I feel like it's meant to be! Carey Price and Jaroslav Halak (who always surprises me) have been absolutely amazing in goal. Our defense is crazily putting up points, I'm talking about Markov especially who I believe has 9 points in our first 6 games. OUr offense is good, but it'll be crazy good when we get Higgins in the line-up and Andrei back this weekend. The Latendresse-Koivu-Tanguay line is insane, and I hope they can keep producing like they are now throughout the season.
Speaking of Andrei, I'm pretty sure every hockey fan has seen what happened to him when we played the Coyotes (in case you don't know, he got checked into the boards by Kurt Sauer of the Coyotes, his face hit the glass, and then hit the ice. He laid on the ice for a few seconds and was there a few minutes before being helped off the ice, he declined the use of a stretcher). The night that this happened was the first night I had worn my brand new Andrei Kostitsyn shirt my friend bought it for me for my birthday and I absolutely love it. But I am so superstitious... IT WAS MY SHIRTS FAULT!

I ran a whole five miles today, clap for me, I haven't done that in like.. 6 months. I kept getting to like 2 or 3 but today I made it to 5. I'm happy. And I feel good.

I also want to give a little shoutout to Sports GFX.net, I just found that place and if you're looking to share/find great sports wallpapers, or signatures it's the place to go, plus the guys there are awesome =)

October 8thtwo oh three pm

As you can see I've changed the layout. Let me know what you think of it. It looks alot like what I have for my portfolio. Here's a glimpse of that:

That's only part of it. It'll look nice though. I hope I can get it finished before I decide I'm sick of this new layout because I really like how the colours go along so well together.
Also, a new wallpaper:

Michael Leighton of the Carolina Hurricanes wallpaper

That's all I've got for now. Still trying to target hockey fans so I'm trying my hardest to get as much hockey related stuff on my site but it's difficult. I'm trying to make more wallpapers but it's so difficult to put stuff together when I don't have inspiration for something. It took me about ten tries to get this layout the way I wanted it, and I was orginally working on a wallpaper. I think I may turn the layout into a wallpaper aswell though, just for those artistic hockey fans out there =) Let me know if you like it.

October 3rdthree fourty two pm

So in my public speaking class today this totally cute guy that sits near me offers me a jelly bean, and I'm like 'sweet, a jelly bean' so I take it and I stick in my mouth and chew it. And I almost died. Holy geeze, it tasted like jalapeno peppers at first and I'm like whaat.. and then it tasted like flat out hot sauce. It was terrible. My eyes watered up and he could not stop laughing. It was absolutely ridiculous. That made my day though.

I've been sick all day yesterday and today. It blows so bad I don't know what to do to get rid of it. My throat hurts, I'm really tired, I can't hear correctly, my voice sounds funny. Geeze. I have so many problems. Not only that, but my best friend was mad at me again. The issue in my last post was resolved and then we had other problems this weekend. I spent the weekend alone and it sucked. I did go see Burn After Reading with George Clooney and Brad Pitt. It was really funny, but not a movie I'd go see a second time. Brad Pitt makes the entire movie, he made me laugh so hard.

So I decided that I want to go to college for Business. Which is pretty much what you go into when you're not sure what you're doing. Well, I want to go into business because I want to start my own business. I want to sell t-shirts for a living. Yeah, that sounds crazy, but I want to do it. Not just any t-shirts, but t-shirts that I create. I first have to buy a screen printing machine which costs a fortune, but after I get my hands on that I've pretty much got it. It's something I'm good at and that I want to do even better and I'd love to operate and run my own store. It'd be fantastic! And if I go to college for two years and decide it's not for me I'll go into psychology.

I'll soon (within the next month that means) be putting up a new and imporoved portfolio, it'll have it's own sub-domain and everything. It'll be neat.

Also, I'm thinking of doing some hosting on my site. I'm not sure how it works though, and I'm very unfamiliar with like bandwidth and stuff, but if anyone approaches me and would absolutely love to have a subdomain here on Whimsicalous, email me, and we'll do a little talking. I'll look at your graphics and all that good stuff to determine if we'd be good to work together. I'll fix my hosting page and give some little requirements there.

One last very importatn thing, new affiliate on my affiliate page, her name is Julia! Go check her out, and get your site reviewed by her.

6 days till the Montreal Canadiens first game of the regular season!

September 20thnine thirty three pm

I feel very wierd coming here to actually talk about my feelings, but I have no where else to go. I'm having problems with my best friends, and it's one of the only things I can't talk to my mom about, and I usually tell her everything.

I feel very alone. It's Saturday night, the one night where I can do something and be out late and have fun. Friday nights I go to church, and Sunday nights are right before school so there's no going out late. My two friends have just left me, at 9:35 on a Saturday night to go to a party. To get drunk. I am not upset about the drinking. I think getting drunk is disgusting but I like to have a few drinks now and then, and I don't even get invited. I understand it's at someone elses house, but shouldn't best friends not go to stay with me? Or make an exception and get me invited?
I feel so dumb for being upset about this.. but they come to my house, and talk about their plans to go there right in my face. I'm too nice to say something, althought I hinted it at. "Go to this party while I sit on my couch on a Saturday night." They don't get it. But it really upsets me.

This weekend has been one of the worsts of my life. I was at another party earlier this evening, which was very boring. I got there at 6:30 and left when it wasn't even 8:30.
It had been a very eventful weekend to begin week. I ran out of gas while I was in the school parking lot that Friday morning, about 100 feet from my parking spot. Most embaressing thing ever. I was late to class. I had forgotten my speech, and so I skipped second block and went home. Thank goodness my mom didn't care, and that I didn't get caught. The next day and W get into an argument that lasts all day and we end up meeting at the same place that night and I was being an asshole to her and I was upset with myself for being an asshole and I started crying and I'm still upset with her now cause of this whole party thing and it keeps making me cry and I don't know what to do.

We just had the following text message conversation:

Me: I don't want to you to come tomorrow. Go get drunk and I'll see you next weekend.
W: Thanks best friend.
Me: Yeah, thanks best friend who leaves me at my fucking house on a saturday night because booze is more fun. Fuck you too.

I'm very vulgar and I apologize. But this has really upset me. The first text message made her mad because I usually see her like 6 different times during the day and she's always at my house after school. And I was very rude with the last message, but I don't know how to get my point across without being angry about it. I'm not good at being calm. She hasn't even answered the text. She's probably mad at me. She's probably going on with everyone at the party about what a nasty bitch I am. But my best guess is she knows what I'm saying, and she's not admitting to it.

Whatever it is, I don't want to see her for the next few days. I really don't. I am going to get to school earlier so that I don't have to see her. I'll tell her not to come to my house. I need time to think. I love her so much and she's my best friend but it makes me so mad I don't even want to talk about because I'll end up crying and never get my anger across to her, or how bad it hurts me that she leaves me alone on a saturday night.

Do you guys think I'm being irrational? Someone please help me because it's tearing me up inside, and I don't know what to do =(

September 15theleven twenty pm


My sister was talking to me yesterday about how the Caniac Carnival is this weekend. The Caniac Carnival is a very neat little event that the Carolina Hurricanes have at the RBC Center before the season starts. To get you pumped up for hockey season and to get kids out there to have fun, and give away free stuff and watch free hockey games. It's really a lot of fun. I work at the Caniac Carnival and I love it. Lotsa free tickets and shirts and fun stuff so I just can't wait. Plus, it means HOCKEY SEASON IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! Is there anything more exciting?!

I dearly apologize to all my visitors that could care less about hockey and visit my site hoping for fun stuff like I did through out the summer, but now that hockey is about to start up again, all you'll hear me talk about is hockey. My apologies if it does not please you. My layouts will also start changing, there will be ALOT more hockey involved in the next ones and all the ones until June. Haha. I have incorparated hockey somewhere in all my layouts through out the summer so I'm pretty impressed with myself. Lack of pictures usually destroys my hockey-graphic-making ability.

I really want to make my blog more interactive. I don't spend enough time online to be able to post all kinds of fun pictures and links and stuff. This time around I did find some neat things..

HOW Poster Design Competition : Design a poster, you can 150$ of HOW books and a year subscription to the magazine. Sounds like fun.
Project Never : My personal favourite, enter a graphic design that you have entered in a graphic design competition that got rejected. Awesome!
UT Grand Prix : A t-shirt designing competition, based in Japan I'm pretty positive. But you can win about 30,000$. Which is pretty sweet for just giving an effort at designing a shirt! Look at it.

I'll have some more next time. I still haven't found this one site for a graphic designer that I was looking for..

That is all for today =) good luck to any of you who sign up for those contests! Make sure to let me know because I'd love to see the entries!

Looks like I got my message across. I had requests and added about three new affiliates since my last post, take a look at how awesome they are!

September 3rdthree fourty two pm

My life for the past two weeks has been notes, speeches, quizzes, reading and tests. It's a lot of work, but I like it. It keeps me busy (maybe a little tooo busy) but I don't mind it. I really should work on the site more, I don't know what I have to put up.. but I know I have something somewhere. I'll work on it tomorrow, that's a promise.

I added a new affiliate. I'm looking for affiliates if you have a site, apply, you'll most likely get accepted. It doesn't hurt, and it'll get you more hits. My site averages 150 hits a day, that's not bad right? Of course not, considering a year ago I was averaging aout 10 a day. Gone up drastically. My favourite part of all the hits is that I'm pretty sure 70% of my hits come through google, and their all from my hockey wallpapers. Which is amazing. So if you have a site, don't forget Google! Pretty neat, in my opinion.

P.S. I'm in looooove with a boy...he's perfect. He doesn't drink, or smoke, he's super religious and he's absolutely amazingly good looking. I'm in love. I want him so bad. I made him a shirt yesterday and gave it to him today, he had it in his lap for almost all of the class :) I wanted to die.