June 2008 through August 2008

August 18thtwo thirteen pm

I'm starting my first college class today. At 6:30. I'm not that excited.. I get to start doing work again.. yay.

Anyhow, I've been working on the site all morning! Yay! Here's what I've added:

2 new brush sets
2 new wallpapers
1 new tutorial
Fixed font section

That sounds lovely. I like it when I can list the stuff I've worked on. Here are the wallpapers I added, one of which was a request:

Vector wallpaper with cute lion, rainbow, clouds and balloon Chris Higgins of the Montreal Canadiens vintage style wallpaper

Let me know what you think of these. And I just took a look at my list I made at the beginning of the summer, and I didn't even finish half of it. Geeze. This summer was a lot more busy that I thought it would be! And it looks like even though I'll be leaving school early everyday, at 10:30, I'm still going to be terribly occupied. Which sucks.
I'm going to get a job, I know I've been saying it for about 5 months but I'm really going to do it. My family and I also have about 3 trips planned from now till Jan. One to West Virginia to stay in the mountians for about 3 days, one to Chimney Rock in the mountains of North Carolina, and then we planned out annual WINTER TRIP! I really want to say bigger and better than last winter, but it's really not. Instead of 10 days, we're only leaving for 6 days. But it'll be good none the less. Here's how it'll go.

We leave, go to Atlanta, so see the Carolina Hurricanes play the Atlanta Thrashers.
We then depart stragith to Ft. Lauderdale Where we'll be staying for three days to see the Montreal Canadiens play the Florida Panthers.
After three days, we go to Tampa, the oh so beautiful city that I love and miss and want to go back to, where we'll be staying in the SAME hotel as the Canadiens, whom we'll watch beat the Tampa Bay Lightning.

How exciting! I absolutely cannot wait for it. It will be soooo marvolous. And it'll be so hot, I'll be swimming again on Christmas day! Funny, we are all from Montreal and we always go south for the winter.

August 15theleven thirty one pm

A lot has happened since I last blogged, most importantly: I got my computer back. Very excited about that. I've made some new content for the site and I might put it up later tonight. I have two new brushes. And I want to work on some more. I want to redo the font section really bad because I hate it and I don't know how to do it. So I might look into that. I also have a bangin' new wallpaper.

Other then on the web, I had a party last night and it was golden. It was thrown together about 4 hours before I actually had it and a good amount of people showed up. Hooked up a few boys with a few girls, even though we went out tonight and again and found that none of it worked out. But the party still went very well if you ask me. I'm already planning a big Halloween shin-dig, that should be a blast, and probably have a few bonfires from now till then, like I've done all summer.

School starts in a week and I'm not looking forward to it. Work work work. And we have to get to school at 7 in the morning and the late bell rings at stinkin' 7:10. I'm freaking out, really. But I only go for a half-day so I'm diggin' that a lot. I get out at 10:30 everyday. Yeeeah.

Going to a Puddle of Mudd concert next Saturday. Will be fun, definitely. Really crowded, really full of drunk old men. But it'll be ok.... at least I hope. Peace out!

July 30ththree oh three pm

Even more brushes!

I actually made these before I left for the beach for three days, but didn't put them up so here they are! Hope you guys like them. I work really hard to put up as much content as I can!

So I stayed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for three days and it was marvolous. The beach was nice, we went on the boardwalk (to go shopping) we ate some good seafood and did a lot of talking, I went with two good friends mine. They are just marvolous.
I arrived here yesterday at about 1, and left the house to stay at another of my friends house, who is actually my cousin. We got all the boys together and had a little bit of fun. My friend makes me laugh, her name is E, she doesn't like to do things when they are unplanned and I told her, when you hang out with me and my family nothing is planned. So we did a lot of unplanned things, it really killed her. We also did a lot of standing up in the back of a truck and going really fast around the parking lot. And getting yelled at by drunk guys. But it was fun though.

I spent all of the day doing job applications. I hate filling out my name, my address, the hours I can work and most of all I hate personality tests! But I want a job.

And I'm supposed to be getting my computer back today. The guy I sent it to practically cleaned it out, and sent it to a supposed computer guru who is like a genius at computers and he's fixing it up and making it faster for me. I love these guys.

July 24thtwo thirty four pm

Yay! I added like.. 9 new brush sets! How exciting!

My first ever attempt at making brushes, so don't laugh, and I hope you like them. They're in the help yourself section under brushes

A bunch more soon hopefully! I'll start working on them. If you guys like these, though, let me know how they work so I can fix any mistakes or anything.

And a new affiliate! Go check her out!

July 23thfive fifteen pm

I'm a senior in high school this year coming up. Only my mother and my aunt have registered for a community college nearby and are a taking a class called World Religion. I'm only going to the high school for a half day, so I thouht I'd register at the college. And i did! So you're now reading the blog of a college student 8)

I'm dual enrolled. I took a placement test today...and failed miserably. I finished my exam in my Algebra II class last year with a 58. I finished this placement test with a 46. I cannot do math to save my life. Everything else I did pretty well on. I'm kind of excited.

I forgot to mention in my last blog that I actually have a license now. Yeah, I'm turning 18 in like 4 months and just got my license. Oh well. I've been afraid of driving forever and I manned up here. I'm proud of myself.

Lame part is, I can only kill one person at a time. And I have to be in by nine.

Thanks for all the comments guys, I really love reading them. It's nice to get feedback.

Here's something very ironic, a guy is paying me around 12$ an hour to fix his computer because it's not working, supposedly full of viruses. I'll make sure not to mention to him that my computer is getting shipped off to some guy because of the 500 viruses on it!

Bunch of new stuff soon, just need some time to get it done. And I want it all up at once haha.

July 21stthree pm

My computer has been infected with over 500 viruses. I had no antivirus/antispyware on my computer and this is what I get for it. It's so bad I can't keep the computer open for more than a few minutes without it freezing up. Thankfully, a man my father knows told me he'd fix it for free if I bought the antivirus he needs, with was 80$ but it's worth it. The Geek Squad charges somewhere around 200$ so it's much better.

This has to happen before I have a chance to upload my brand new finished portfolio layout, which took me over a month to do. Terrible. I am devestated about the idea that I might lose all 10,000 of my pictures I've taken. They mean the world to me. I live for my photography and I might not have any of it. All my layered psp files, all the the website stuff I've been working on.

No worries for you guys, I'll be working on some brushes and scans on this computer (the family computer).

Last week I went to an Alter Bridge concert, it wasn't so bad. We were about 10 feet from the stage so I enjoyed it. Next month, Puddle of Mudd. Hopefully that's good. I went to Carowinds last Sunday as well. Absolutely marvolous. My friend and I rode the same roller coaster four times, but the we all had headaches so we got off. It started raining at 6 so it didn't last too long, but it was great.

I'm going to start working on all that junk now. Off to work I go.

July 12thtwelve fourty two am

I added this neat thing called a cbox. I want to try it out. Please comment! I don't want to be embaressed. If I don't get enough comments I'm going to take it down, so I'm testing it out for the week. Help me out here. I deleted the updates to add it, I'm not going to change the title until I'm positive I want to keep it there though.

Thanks guys for visiting the site!

July 9theleven thirty two am

Alex Kovalev of the Montreal Canadiens David Villa of Spain Nation Team in Euro 2008 Zyranov of Russian National Team in Euro 2008

Three new wallpapers! Hope you guys like these. And no, I don't only like soccer because of the boys.

July 8thten twenty seven pm

So I just got back from the beach two days ago, it was amazingly beautiful. I'd love to live there, and be able to go sit in the beach every single day, but sadly I live in the middle of this sad state.

I realize how little I blog and how annoying it is when you go to someone's page and wonder if they've died or fell of the planet. I know I hate it, and I'm doing waht I hate here. I'm a hypocrite. But I'm working on it. I will blog more.

This is going to be short though because I just really want to work on the site right now. I missed my computer being away the past two weeks that happens. So I'm getting to work, and hopefully it'll be nice for all of you guys too. More content soon!

June 7thten twenty three am

I'm trying my hardest to blog as much as I can but it's hard guys! I do a lot of work behind the scenes.. some of which never makes it to the site though but I'm working hard.
I'm going to make a list of things I'd like to get accomplished before the end of the summer. I'll try to add to my list, and work on it when it to get it finished:

Arrangement of the site:
At least one new layout, aim for 2
Revamp, change of CSS and entire layout
New Affies, more hits, more advertising
Add chat box
Get a hostee!
Put up affiliate form
Change ugly square pictures in love/hate
Make at least 10 new tutorials 9 8
Add 'history' to hockey section
Finish portfolio section

For the Visitors:
10 new wallpapers 9 8 7
Learn to do icons, and make them; at least 20
Put up new photography
Add at least 40 new scans
At least 20 new textures
Design a 'pre-made layout'

Finish '100 best novels' list
Don't spend all my money at the beach
Get this list done
Get an actual job
Finish father's business site asap