January 2008 through February 2008

febuary 27thnine oh five pm

Kari Lehtonen of the Atlanta Thrashers wallpaper Click to see the new wallpaper.

I have been missing yet again. Let me describe me tell you the events in a few words. Sickness, death, work, lack of time, disappoinment, and hockey. Yes. I don't know if I want to elaborate on each. I have had the flu for almost a week. It hurts, it's annoying but I'm living through it. I am behind on school work, I didn't go to school for two days, and I don't feel like ever going again. I just want to sit at home in all my misery. School stinks.

The disappointment comes from the hockey. Bob Gainey has traded away my favourite hockey player, Cristobal Huet, for a SECOND ROUND DRAFT PICK. To goddamn Washington. I don't even know what to do. I miss him already. I wish it had never happened, I want my Cristobal back. I have expressed my view on this to many times (even though it's been about 24 hour since) I don't feel like typing it.
Jose THeodore of the Colorado Avalanche Wallpaper
On the bright side, I'm taking a weekend to go to Washington to see Cristobal Huet and the marvolous Sergei Fedorov.
The rest I don't want to share. On the other bright side, hockey game tomorrow. There are two teams I have never seen play in the Easter Conference, the New York Rangers and the Ottawa Senators, and I'm going to see the NYR tomorrow! Fantastic!
And working on the new website, I'm pouring my heart into it. Kind of. Snould be up in a couple weeks.

All for today!

febuary 22ndten thirty four pm

I have been missing from this site for a couple of days now. You may wonder where I have gone to, but I am here. Sitting here, not doing any work on this site. But I have a good reason! Actually, I have 2 good reasons.
First, I have been very busy with schoolwork, and I am going to a hockey game almost everything other night. During hockey game nights I am at home from 3 to 4, then I am gone until about 11 pm. I don't have time for anything but that one hour to do homework. My second reason, which is what I have been doing those other nights that I don't go to games is I have been working on ANOTHER website! Yes! Another!
But don't get too excited, I am not revealing the name or the address until it is completely finished. I am so excited about it I have been working on it every minute I am sitting here. That has been since about 7:30 tonight.. so that would make it 3 hours so far tonight. Pretty good!
Also, I am getting around 50 visitors a day! How awesome is that! =) I need to definitely put up more content to keep those visitors coming, but mots of all, THANK YOU! for visiting my site! I appreciate every single one of you!

febuary 18theight fourty six pm

Have to make a blog for this, it just made my life:

I haven't laughed this hard in a while. Hope you guys like it.

febuary 18thtwelve thirty six pm

Cristobal Huet and Alex Kovalev Wallpaper

Click for the new wallpaper. I just finished it today, took about two hours to make. I'm proud of it. It is currently my wallpaper aswell =)

Now for the good stuff. The Montreal Canadiens played an awesome game last night. Or more like, they played an awesome weekend. Sweeped the Flyers in a home and home series. 4 points for the weekend, and we are now tied with the Ottwawa Senators for first in the Conference. That's how amazing they are. \
Saturday night, the first of the two games against the Flyers I was at the RBC Centre. Well, I was only there for an hour. The Hurricanes were about to play the Panthers but I really wanted to go home and watch my Canadiens and so that's what I did. I was in the arena and everything, and I left. I'm going to a Hurricanes game on Tuesday and Thursday anyways, so it's not a big deal. I just couldn't handle missing more big games.

My graphics other than this wallpaper have been very half-assed this whole week so I've not really saved anything. I need to work on the website and I keep doing everything but.
I'm not updating much either, and I apologize. I have gotten I believe four new affiliates this week, and I'm looking for a couple more. I just need to get more content up. Look out for new tutorials soon, stock images, and more wallpapers probably.

All for today, enjoy your Presidents day!

febuary 11ththree fifty four pm

Richard Zednik <3

The only thing that has been on my mind all day has been Richard Zednik, who as injured last night when Jokinens skate blade cut his throat. He's in intensive care and is in a stable condition, but I cannot believe what I saw.

He has always been one of my favourite players, and this makes me hurt inside.

I wanted to post this to say that my thoughts are with him and his family, aswell as my prayers.

We love you Zed!

febuary 10thten oh seven pm

New layout! I've changed it twice in three days. I didn't like the yellow one, featuring Mike Komisarek, and I thought this would be more suttle, but still nice, and I have gotten a lot of compliments on this design. I had also added it here as a wallpaper not long back.

I don't have much to say, besides that I'm going to the Hurricanes game this Saturday, against the Panthers and then Wednesday, against the Bruins. Not bad. I'm excited.

I am very unhappy about how the Canadiens played yesterday night. Very unhappy. I was almost in tears. We went from being one point behind the Sens to letting them score 2 goals within the first two minutes of the period, one within 22 seconds! It was terrible!

That is all for tonight. Enjoy the layout, and also, I put up 45 new scans from books and magazines.

febuary 2ndone twenty five pm

vector model holding cigaretteThe music is on so loud, I probably wouldn't hear someone breaking in to the house.

I have the urge to make sloppy little watercolor design on illustrator, which brings my attention to a little drawing I did I thought would be fun to share. Take a good look, but please don't steal. It's not completely finished, I have to do the smoke and a background. It's going in my portfolio, if I don't get sick of it by then and think it's ugly. I probably will.

I have no confidence, I know.

Old 70's style Canadiens glovesI'm going to work on a new layout, proboably today, and I'm planning on opening a subdomain with the name Gasoline Rainbows, taken from a paragraph from The Catcher in the Rye that I was reading today. It's my favourite book. Ever.

I went ice skating last night, and I feel great. I am going again tonight. And this Friday I am getting a good amount of money from the parents to buy hockey equipment, the stuff I don't have yet. I bought some very good looking gloves two days ago off of Ebay Take a look. I already have a very gorgeous pair of ITech gloves but I couldn't just let those go for a little over 15$. They're just too fabulous.

If I don't like the way they fit, I am hanging them on my wall. Beside my Lafleur jersey. I'll take a better picture when I actually get them. Should be in a couple of days.

canadiens game at 2 today. I love afternoon games, I am always busy Saturday nights and this way I don't miss any of the action. Go Habs Go!

january 26thnine thirty seven pm

The NHL All-Star game just finished. How marvolous it was. I just love it. It's nice to see all the guys enjoying themselves and taking the stress of the regular season off their shoulders. They don't have to worry about points or winning or losing, just chilling. THey all looked so happy!

Andrei Markov of the Montreal Canadiens made it, he didn't participate in much, but it was nice to see a guy who's so deserving. Zdeno Chara had a monster 103 mile an hour shot! amazing! Ovechkin was easily my favourite of the nice, during the breakaway contest he tried so many fun and unique things and you could see he was really enjoying it, he was laughing and aborbing the crowds energy. Too funny!

Sorry I haven't updated in so long! I'm working with Chase, of Deathscream to get Cutenews working on the site.. it's a real pain in the butt, I'm trying to figure out but it's not cooperating. Hopefully it'll get fixed soon.

Also, I'm going to the Leafs game Friday... lovely.

I'll leave you with a lovely...Leafs suck! Take care.

january 16thnine fifty nine am

autographed Canadiens jerseyI just found out I am definitely going to the Edmonton Oilers game this Friday. I'm going to get to see the marvolous Sheldon Souray. And I'm probably going to go get autographs Friday morning, at least, that's the plan. I am going to the New York Islanders game on the 22nd. My sister wants to go get autographs from them too, but to tell you the truth, the Islanders don't excite me much. I should get DiPietro's signature though.. that'd be a good idea..
Should be exciting. The family and I might have plans to go to Pittsburgh in a couple of weeks to see the Canadiens play at Mellon Arena (Fleury, Armstrong.. not to forget Crosby..). We made a deal that we'd go sit in Mellon arena at least once before it gets torn down, which is probably going to be next season.
And as promised, a picture of my completely signed Canadiens jersey. Beautiful, I know.

I have another tutorial to put up, and I'm going to be making a couple more this week sometime, maybe today. There are so many tutorials out there, and it's so easy to just search them on google, I'm going to take a different approach. Sure, you want to know how to make graphics and how to get your own site, but hey, there are lots of other fun things in life that you can educate yourself with, so I'm going to be bringing a little extra to the mix- how to do creative things that aren't on the computer. I'm going to take a couple of my talents (all artsy stuff) and show you how to be as great as I am =) (Well, that's exaggerating, not THAT great, but you can try)
And now all the internet thinks I'm conceited.. not quite so, my friends.
I made a Michael Ryder wallpaper, titled One Goal, but I don't know if I want to put it up as a wallpaper or use it as a layout. Both? Maybe.
Check out the new stuff, crocodiles.

january 13thnine forty pm

Life is ridiculously busy.

I plan on putting up a couple of pictures tomorrow, when I get back from school from exams.

And probably more fun stuff because I hate to admit, my site is kind of boring.

january 7thseven fifty seven pm

Cristobal HuetAfter leaving Atlanta, we went to Tampa where we stayed for a lovely five days. The weather there was around 75-80 degrees farenheit. I spent Christmas day sitting in the pool outside! (And friend complimented me on my tan when I came back to this 40 degree weather in Carolina)
We stayed at Embassy Suites in downtown Tampa, right near the wonderful Channelside drive (a street of very nice restaurants and other things such as movie theatres) also just a bock from St Pete Times Forum.
The Night before the game I, with the family, waited outside the Embassy to catch the guys coming back from their 6 o'clock practice. I got about half the teams autographs, and we waited around a little to catch them coming back from supper for more autographs. I also met a new friend, a 26 year old who manages musicians. She was a die hard Habs fan and a lot of fun to be around, we hung out for pretty much two days.
The day of the game I waited outside till they finished their morning practice and got the guys I was missing. Along with Mr. Bob Gainey, Kirk Muller and an autograph from Cristobal Huet on my drawing that I drew of him.
Now, for the game!
I have never been to the Bell Centre, but I would imagine it was something like the Forum that night. Everywhere I walked, I heard more French than English, I saw more Canadiens jersey than Lightning jerseys. THe game started, I heard more Go Habs Go! cheers than anything else. Ridiculous. It was insane. A good game aswell. The Canadiens beat the Lightning 5-1. Although, if the Lightning would have had a better goaltender I would have bet the score would have been more even. The Habs were laying it on thick.
I didn't get sick of cheering, but felt bad for the Lightnings offense who were giving it more effort than their goaltending situation was. Cristobal was a brick wall, as usual. And I have to say, despite popular belief, I really do like Cristobal more than that Carey Price (don't get me wrong, he's absolutely marvolous, but I like Cristo's veteran presence, and calmness he has in the net that other goaltenders don't)
I will go on for years. But it's my blog, so what!
Oh, last but not least, I have to give these guys some credit, they make me laugh, they have wonderful insight into Canadiens games and I'd love to promote them. Sign up, give them a listen- Podcast.Habscast.com =)
More tomorrow!

january 7thfive oh five pm

Banners in the Thrashers arenaI'm going to take my next few blog posts to talk about each city individually because no matter how much I try I can't fit it all into one blog (it'd be too long and too summarized, it wouldn't do my trip justice.
Starting with Atlanta, I don't have much to say as far as this game.The Canadiens played a solid game, the offense and defense were working it, all down to when the Thrashers tied it up and brought it to OT and then the shootout. I have to say (though known for saying the Canadiens always win,) that I didn't expect them to win it. The Canadiens aren't very good at shootouts, and I pretty much really dislike that part of the game. Needless, to say, we lost. Just as I was expecting.
So, my vacation did not being well, but at least we got a point out of it. Better than nothing, and good solid play, and best of all, I was there to see it all happen.
About the city, despite what I've heard, Atlanta is absolutely gorgeous. I would go again in a hearbeat. That's to say, I was in the more rich area of the city, and we encountered no problems. They have a marvolous Olympic park right beside our hotel which I had the opportunity to look down on as I sat outside on the balcany of The Mariott downtown.
Their arena, is also just beautiful. I can easily say it's the nicest arena I have been to.
All for that, stick around for Tampa later.