As far as hosting goes I'm not so sure what to do, but I would love to have someone here with me. Here are some guidelines if you'd like to talk to me about being hosted:

-Must have good graphics, or designing ability equal to mine. I won't accept anything less, you will be representing me aswell as you and I don't want anything that is not up to my standards.

-Must understand that I have never done this, and it would be my first time. Must be patient with me and able to understand and solve problems as they come our way.

-I will not host fan sites, I want personal blogs (whether it be about cars, fashion, writing, or nature, i don't care, as long as it's a personal blog!)

If you can understand these guidelines and are would be willing to do this with me, send me an email at and please put HOSTING AT WHIMSICALOUS in the subject line(if it is NOT in the title, I probably won't look at it!). In the email include:

-How long you've been designing
-Ideas for your subdomain name
-What your blog will mostly be about
-A little about yourself
-Include graphic design samples and your opinions on them
-Tell me a little something nice about my site

And you'll be set to go. I'll answer your email as fast as I can.